As many bike hire schemes are run in partnership with sponsors, I decided to take a different approach by giving back to charity, giving the brand a positive image by the public eye. As mascot of our brand and national bird of America, EagleEye is partnered with AEF, (American Eagle Foundation) helping donate to our fellow birds by contributing 10% of each purchased bike ride.
For those regular Eagle eyed cyclists, we offer a yearly membership which includes the adoption of a bird of your choice, this helps build a bond between the rider and the brand as they have a personal connection to the guide and adopted bird.
Each bike will have an RFID Chip embedded into the frame allowing an Intellifi sensor to identify the biker. Using their data and current route, the sign will market a hidden gem it thinks will suit the riders preference. The option to ‘imprint’ with the ad allows you to instantly sync the directions straight to your phone.
The right angled typeface resembles a road map from a birds eye point of view.